At present, in our neighborhood as with the rest of the city of Barcelona and even further a field, almost all assosiations, collectives, cooperatives, NGOs, civic centres, etc. do not have the means to gather data online in a way that respects users' integrity as an individual, their data, and data protection law.

Although we need to use forms, many of us not have the tools to do so, and we turn to the most readily available product, Google forms, meaning that our data is leaked to the multinational company. Google's services can be considered unsafe given the company's trajectory and it's business practices. By hoarding data, Google knows who we are, who we are with, the things that ocuppy us, our joys, interests and plans. This has made it one of the richest companies in the world and has given it unprecedented power to manipulate society.

But Google's forms nor any of their other products, nor the products and services of the other companies that make up GAFAM are free: we pay them with our data, the raw material of digital capitalism.

For these reasons, when a form is published to solicit support, to take the temprature of civil society, to register reservations for an event, etc., Google Forms has a negative impact on people and the city they live in.


The concentration of power in these companies has only grown over the last few decades. Even so, there are still people who believe the digital techonolgies can be used to lower desequality, create opportunities and build a sostainable society. This is our horizon and it is for these reasons that we develop digital commons and ethical techologies in the context of free culture.

Let's build this common horizon by practicing explicit digital ethics: throw the GAFAM out of our spaces and projects, use GNGforms! Or any othe libre forms software like


GNGforms began as a response to the requirements of a social civic centre en the neighborhood de Sants, Barcelona. After studying the needs of the centre, it's members, and the neighborhood in general, GNGforms was born. However, because GNGforms is free software, it can be used by anyone who decides to do so.

GNGforms is easy to use for people who already use Google Forms, and for those who do not have any previous experience. GNGforms makes it easy to create, personalize, and manage forms. GNGforms respects people's data and complies with data protection law.

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